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Sanoya Lab is an interactive agency from Poland

We will build your company on the web.

Why is it worth choosing us?


Attractive price is a relative concept. Moreover, Sanoya Lab as an interactive agency, offers high quality services while maintaining very competitive prices. On the other hand, with longer cooperation, we can also offer discounts for regular customers.


We are a small interactive agency, which is why each of our clients is treated individually. As a result, we will treat your order with the utmost care so that your company is 100% satisfied.


Simple solutions are the best. In other words, thanks to transparent and simple procedures, your order will be processed without any problems. Most importantly we are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

Sanoya Lab as an interactive agency designs responsive websites.

Responsive websites

Prices from 990 $

We design modern and fully responsive websites, adapted to all mobile devices. Above all, we make them based on one of the best CMS in the world – WordPress.In other words, you can enjoy the modern website, investing relatively good money. Most importantly is that our websites are friendly to Google search engines, so your Google’s position will also increase! After that, you get a 12-month warranty at a price. Beautiful, right?


Ecommerce store

Prices from 1990 $

We also create profitable online stores based on the woocommerce platform. Why exactly this system? The answer is very simple. It is the most extensive, yet transparent and easy to use online store system. The number of additions, extensions and integration is so much that 99% of the things you would like to have in your store are possible to do in the woocommerce. We’re sure!

Sanoya Lab as an interactive agency designs profitable online stores.
Sanoya Lab as an interactive agency also designs chat bots.

Chat bots

Prices from 990 $

Have you ever wondered what will happen to us in the future? We already know this, because the future has come a long time ago. Invest in a modern chat bot that will support your customer service department by automating processes! In addition, you can help users find the information they are looking for by implementing the most frequently asked questions. Most importantly, you will be able to present your offer in an innovative way, which will definitely be appreciated by a significant number of customers.


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