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Chat bots is the future of communication

Chat bots support customer service department

Enter your company to the next level. Chat bots are a great solution for constantly developing companies that care about their clients. Moreover, help your clients get the information they need faster.

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What is the functions of chat bots?

There is no doubt that the technological novice in the form of a chat bot is very useful for all kinds of companies. For instance, below you will learn about the most common uses of virtual assistants.


Get to know your clients, tell them your company’s history and encourage you to view the actual offer. Therefore, you will strengthen the relationship between your customers and the company.


The variety of communication channels is one of the ways to succeed in acquiring customers. For example, thanks to chat bots, your audience can easily subscribe to the subscriber list. As a result you will then be able to send messages to subscribers!


It is worth taking care of the client and his convenience in providing the information he is looking for. Virtual assistants is a great way to automate the sections of frequently asked questions. On the other hand, the customer service department will also benefit from this solution, because it will only be needed if the scope of the questions asked goes beyond the competence of the bot’s chat.

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Integrations with a chat bots

Integration with many other applications is a huge advantage of the chat bots we build. In short – below is a list of possible integrations.

Chat bots also work in Facebook messenger.
Chat bots also work in wordpress websites.
Chat bots can be integrated with mailchimp.
Chat bots can be integrated with Instagram.
Chat bots can be integrated with Salesforce.
Chat bots can be integrated with YouTube.
Chat bots can be integrated with Slack.
Chat bots can be integrated with Google Sheets.
Chat bots can be integrated with RSS.
Chat bots can be integrated with Hubspot.

Selected technical possibilities of the chat bots

Familiarize yourself with the technical capabilities of our chat bots. Below are some of their skills, but remember that this is not all what our chat bots do!


Let each conversation be unique and one of a kind! This is it! Firstly, chat bots can have several different answers to the same question, secondly you can freely configure the frequency of occurrence of a given response.


You can decide whether the chat bot should respond only to pre-defined buttons, or can it answer the words the interlocutor has entered. In addition, with time your bot can learn new words, making it more effective.


Chat bots can operate completely independently. However, if the need arises, you can also allow contacting customer service. Your interlocutor will then be able to switch to human contact at any time.


IWC Schaffhausen

Get to know the company’s history with traditions, which has been the producer of watches for over 150 years. Moreover, hear what the founder of the IWC has to say about it. In addition, discover the beginnings of this great company, receive notifications about new products or talk to WC Schaffhausen Concierge.




Handover protocol






Coca Cola Company

Every summer, you can win great experiences thanks to pin codes located on Coca-Cola drinks. Further, this chatbot was built to reply to frequently asked questions regarding this promotion and direct people to an agent when necessary.




Handover protocol


Conception & UX


VIP Support


Air Liquide

Raising brand awareness and explaining Air Liquide activities and services through conversations. Firstly, You can subscribe to brand updates, challenge your knowledge of creative oxygen through quizzes. Secondly, talk to someone using the live chat feature if you need.




Handover protocol


Conception & UX

Content creation

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Learn the most important benefits of having chat bots

The benefits of having a chat bots

The high utility value makes chat bots become more and more popular. Likewise small and medium-sized companies are also starting to implement this solution into their marketing strategies. Learn the benefits of using chat bots.


The essence of business is to reduce costs while increasing revenues. Virtual assistants will take over the responsibilities of your customer service, so your company will be able to save money.


Technology that supports process automation is good technology. Virtual assistants allow you to create a fully automatic set of frequently asked questions. In addition, they do it in a user-friendly way.


The ease of receiving answers to bothering questions is a priority today. Nobody likes to look for a long time and wait for a response. Therefore, chat bots help find a solution for the client in a quick and easy way as possible.


Collecting a list of people who are interested in our services is another advantage of chat bots. Most importantly is that the whole process takes place automatically and without the participation of our employees.

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Frequently asked questions about chat bots

Below are the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please click here and send us a message.

The time for building a chat bot is very individual. For example, it depends primarily on the level of advancement of our electronic assistant. On the other hand, chat bots can and should be developed after the first implementation. Thanks to advanced analytics, we can analyze how users use the bot's chat and adapt it to new conditions. Of course, this is not a necessity. In short - the construction of a bot chat, having only the basic functions should take 10-14 business days. What's more, more complex projects can take up to 30-40 days.

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The start date of works on a given project depends on the number of currently serviced clients. As a result, it happens that sometimes our clients are forced to wait 2-3 weeks before we start their project. However, such situations are rather rare, because in such moments we simply stay longer at work.

In conclusion, usually we start customer projects right away. In the situation that it will not be possible to inform you before signing the contract.

Prices for the basic version of the chat bot start from $ 990. It is true that for this price we will not receive a chat bot that responds to specific words, but it will be as useful as its more advanced version. Similarly to execution time, the construction cost is also determined individually.

Yes of course! Firstly, each of our projects is covered by a 12-month warranty. As a result, during this period any update or error repair will be carried out completely free. Secondly, after this period you will be able to purchase an additional service package, based on the same principles. Certainly, we will not leave you alone!

Moreover, some of our clients want to constantly develop their chat bot and adapt it to new situations. The conversations that our chat bot carried out were then tested and changes are made to improve the quality of services provided.

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We make sure that you are satisfied with our services. Therefore, as one of the few, we attach documentation to each project, thanks to which it will be easier to work on changes in the project. The documentation consists of:

  • Cooperation agreement.
  • Specification and possible conversation paths with chat bot. In other words, this is a strictly valid document, with further development of the chat bot's possibilities.
  • A list of words and possible chat bot responses (if used).
  • Work schedule.
  • List of passwords used in the project.
  • A document specifying the final test of a chat bot with a checklist.

In short, we want you to know that we do our job professionally, not amateurishly!

We build chat bots that work with fanpages on Facebook. However, the same chat bot can be implemented, completely free on a websites based on Wordpress or an online stores based on woocommerce.

There is no need. For example, a project implemented in the primary phase does not need to be further updated and modified. However, it is recommended that the chat bot be constantly updated and supplemented with new things that users are looking for. What's more, you can also learn to answer the words that our clients enter. As a result, our chat bot will become even more interesting!

Yes, it is a necessary condition. However, if your company does not want to have its own fanpage, then we can help you.

Check the technical capabilities of our bots!

There are a few ways, that's why our chat bots are so very useful. For example :

  • The first and most common way is simply interacting with the programmed buttons. Consequently user selects the conversation topic using the buttons.
  • The second option is to talk with specific words / sentences. In other words, a well-written and advanced chat bot can respond to programmed phrases.
  • The third option is to combine buttons and talk options using words. Moreover, this is the most advanced option, where the user can really feel as if he was talking to a human being.

In addition, at any moment our client can quickly switch to an interview with a real person! Wonderful, right?

Of course! Customers of your store will be able to, for example:

  • Get acquainted with the latest promotions, as a result your sales should increase!
  • Subscribe to the subscriber list. Therefore, they will be constantly updated with introduced new products in your company.
  • Purchase the service or product they are looking for. Moreover, chat bot can be used as a configurator for your products and services! In other words, it can serve as a personal adviser to your client.
  • It will present possible forms of payment or shipping. In addition, he will explain what are the terms of returns, etc.

As you can see above, chat bots are simply created for online stores. In conclusion, where there are many customers looking for help from the store support, chat bots are great.

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