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Jacek is the owner of Sanoya Lab

Jacek Salamandra –
Owner of Sanoya Lab

Professionally associated with the IT industry, primarily with the WordPress environment. Privately, he is passionate about classic Mercedes from the 90s and travel. He has plans to visit the whole world!


► 2017-2018 Collegium Da Vinci University Big Data – Analytics & Society

► 2014-2017 College of Banking in Poznań
Business Management


Mercedes cars from the 90s

Modern technologies



Microsoft Professional Program Data Science Orientation

Google Digital Garage The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Analytics Academy Google Analytics for Power Users

PLANS FOR 2019-2020

Another trip to Thailand

Visiting Los Angeles and sunny California

Purchase of the classic Mercedes SL500 R129

We operate in these time zones

Sanoya Lab has its main office in Poland, in Poznan.
Sanoya Lab also works for customers in the United States
Sanoya Lab also works for customers in the United States
We also work with companies from the Hong Kong.
We also work with companies from the United Kingdom.

The origin of the Sanoya Lab

Let’s start from the beginning. It is February 2018, together with colleague Arkadiusz we are studying issues related to Big Data technology. As a result, there is an idea to create a tool for creating personalized social media reports. 

However, due to the limited budget, we are forced to set up the entire website by ourselves. This task falls to Jacek. During the time, we did not know yet that we made one of the better decisions in our lives. In the meantime, Facebook blocks access to data, thanks to which our tool worked.The idea after months of hard work is falling. As a result, our roads with Arkadiusz diverge.

Shortly after the closure of the social media report project, I am opening my business in the field of website and shop design. After that, the company grows by two additional activities – trading databases and getting new followers on Instagram.

Today, Sanoya Lab works for companies from around the world, cooperating with many subcontractors. To sum up – The history of the sanoya laboratory shows that the most important thing is to do what you like! And this you can discover only after many attempts.

Discover the history of Sanoya Lab
The direction of development of Sanoya Lab

Plans for the future

Like any company, we want our company to grow. For example, we intend to increase the range of our company’s activities in relation to the design of business websites. We currently work mainly with companies from the United States, however, we have also started to establish contacts with firms from Western Europe and Asia.

What’s more, we also began to be interested in the design and development of mobile applications. We want to deal with this topic in the future. As a result, it will be a great complement to our offer.

See in which time zones we are currently working!

On the other hand, if it’s possible, we want to open our second office in Sunny California. For instance, in the city of Los Angeles, which is very close to the Silicon Valley – the cradle of many companies in the IT industry.We serve many companies from the USA. As a result, opening a new branch in beautiful Los Angeles would be a hit.

Our values


Every customer is treated in our company with due respect. Therefore, size of the project does not matter. Our cooperation must be successful.


In business, it’s not just about money. The most important is passion and cooperation on simple terms. As a result, success is when both sides win!


Professionalism is not a coincidence, it is the result of passion and hundreds of thousands of hours of work. Above all, Your project will be completed only if you are 100% satisfied.

Facts about our company

+ 2200

hours spent on creating websites.

+ 1150

uploaded products to the e-store.

+ 780

emails with our clients.

+ 100

liters of coffee.

+ 120

tested wordpress plugins.

+  300

inquiries received for the offer.