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Our company offers a website service at an attractive price, thanks to which your website will always be updated and will work properly.  Take care of the proper functioning of your website today.

Discover the benefits of our maintenance service


When your website is not updated properly, it may have security vulnerabilities that make it easy to hack, upload malware, or steal personal information.

Website without

A buggy website discourages users from viewing it. You can also lose valuable traffic and potential customers due to bugs. Moreover, your professional image is also lost.

Higher position
in google

Google bots have been paying attention to whether a website is useful and not too many errors for a long time. Pages with up-to-date software and no errors are positioned higher than others.

Maintenance services packages


List of activities performed as part of the maintenance service:

$120 per month
2 updates per month.
$240 per month
4 updates per month.


All of WordPress plan plus:

$180 per month
2 updates per month.
$360 per month
4 updates per month.

Working with Sanoya Lab is pure pleasure

Personal website developer

We will assign you a dedicated web developer who will be personally responsible for the smooth operation of your website or online store.

Monthly service report

Every month you will receive a report on the service work carried out. Thanks to it you will find out what exactly has been done.

web development consulting

Do you need additional help or want to implement new solutions to your website? No problem. Report your idea to us, we will evaluate it and send you an offer.

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