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Do you feel that your website needs improvement? You’ve come to a great place! We professionally optimize websites based on WordPress. See below what we can do for you.

Discover the types of WordPress optimization


The main goal of technical optimization is to reduce the loading time of your website. Thanks to this, your position in Google will improve and sales will increase.

You need this if:

User Experience

You have high website traffic, but sales are low. Most likely, your website needs optimization for User Experience. We'll help you increase your conversion.

You need this if:


Hundreds of WordPress based sites are victims of Brute Force or DDOS attacks every second. We will secure your website, thanks to which you will avoid attacks.

You need this if:

Technical optimization

Scope of the service

Reduce page loading time by loading images of the correct size.

Serving appropriately-sized images can save many bytes of data and improve the performance of your webpage, especially on low-powered (eg. mobile) devices.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by providing alternative server nodes for users to download resources (usually static content like images and JavaScript). These nodes spread throughout the world, therefore being geographically closer to your users, ensuring a faster response and download time of content due to reduced latency.

Minimizing HTTP redirects from one URL to another cuts out additional RTTs and wait time for users.

Page load times can be significantly improved by asking visitors to save and reuse the files included in your website.

All static resources should have either a Last-Modified or ETag header. This will allow browsers to take advantage of the full benefits of caching.

In order to load a page, the browser must parse the contents of all script tags, which adds additional time to the page load. By minimizing the amount of JavaScript needed to render the page, and deferring parsing of unneeded JavaScript until it needs to be executed, you can reduce the initial load time of your page.

Compacting JavaScript code can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time.

Compacting CSS code can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time.

Expires headers let the browser know whether to serve a cached version of the page.

DNS lookups add delays to the initial requests to a host. Making requests to a large number of different hosts can hurt performance.

Reduce HTTP requests through combined files and CSS sprites.

The benefits of technical optimization

Fast loading of the website is a guarantee of success.

Google likes optimized websites. It’s good for SEO.

Optimization will increase clients satisfaction and conversion.

When do i need this service?

If your website is loading slowly, this is the first sign that you need to do some technical optimization. Every second of loading is very valuable for the conversion rate.

Google pays attention to the quality of the pages. If your website is not optimized, it can be difficult for it to appear on the first page in google search.

Have you noticed a large percentage of people who entered and left your website very quickly? It can only mean one thing. Nobody likes to wait too long for a page to load.

There is a customer who wants to buy from your store but encounters technical problems such as missing products, defective cart, unable to pay and so on. This is another signal that your website needs technical optimization.

What can I expect after the service?

After successful technical optimization, the customer will receive a fast and trouble-free website. Website loading time and the number of requests will be reduced to an absolute minimum. The website will run fast and smooth, which will increase its conversion rate. A one-time investment will bring an increase in sales, and the effects are visible after 1 month.

When will I see the effects?

The website will load much faster right after the optimization process is completed. The time of technical optimization depends on the amount of work, but on average it takes from 4 to 12 working days. The effects in the form of increased conversion will be visible approximately 1 month after the completion of optimization work.

Technical optimization process

At the beginning, you will receive an initial audit that will show the condition of your website. Thanks to it, we know what needs to be improved, and it will be an ideal tool to show the changes made.

You will receive a contract and a price proposal by e-mail. After its approval and signing, you will make an advance payment of 30% of the contract value. After that, work begins.

After completing the work, we will conduct another audit, the so-called final audit. Thanks to it, we will confirm the performance of our work.

UX optimization

Scope of the service

Shortening the shopping path increases the conversion of your store. Skillful redesign of the shopping path will cause more customers to make a purchase.

If your customers get lost while using your store, it’s a sign that you need to improve navigation. A simple and clear layout of the store has a positive effect on sales.

Conducting UX tests will allow you to examine how users browse your store. Thanks to the tests, we will find out what users click on, what elements they avoid or at which stages they have difficulties. Based on hundreds of observations, very fruitful conclusions can be drawn.

The incomprehensible metology of the categories may confuse the faces of potential users. Dividing products into the correct categories usually increases conversion.

A good store should have a consistent and planned design. If the individual components do not fit together, it can cause discomfort for users.

Too complicated and complex forms discourage users from filling them out. It is worth ensuring that the form is as simple and short as possible.

The benefits of UX optimization

A simple and transparent store always increases conversion.

Customers are happy when they can make a purchase quickly and easily.

When do i need this service?

You have high traffic, but sales are low. This could be a sign that the user is having difficulty making a purchase.

Many users reach the final stage of the shopping funnel and choose not to buy in the end. It is worth considering why this is happening and improving this stage of sales.

Problem with payment methods. A badly configured payment gateway causes a lot of loss for the store.

If you are receiving inquiries from users about making a purchase, it’s high time to simplify your shopping path. You don’t want to know how many customers haven’t made purchases in your store through an overly complicated process.

What can I expect after the service?

After successful User Experience optimization, your store will increase the conversion rate. This means that with the same number of visitors, the number of buyers will increase. At the same time, the average order value will increase.

When will I see the effects?

The online store will increase its conversion immediately after making the necessary optimization changes. UX optimization time depends on the amount of work, but on average it takes 3 to 8 business days. 

Security optimization

Scope of the service

The number of attacks on online stores, including stores based on Woocommerce, is growing every day. A DDoS attack is aimed at temporarily shutting down the store by seizing all free resources, carried out simultaneously from many computers (e.g. zombies). During this time, customers cannot enter the store and make purchases. These attacks can be repeated daily and generate huge losses. Criminals know very well that in times of a pandemic, online stores have higher turnover than before and are willing to pay a ransom. Moreover, the ransom value is increasing and in 2020 the average ransom was around $ 5,000. Most stores are willing to pay a ransom to stop DDoS attacks on their store.

The Brute Force attack aims to crack the administrator’s password and take over the store. Usually it is enough to know the administrator login and to have a good password dictionary. Hackers will crack the password by trial and error within minutes. Unfortunately, it is rare to recover such a taken over store.

XML-RPC is a WordPress feature that allows data transfer, with HTTP acting as the transport mechanism and XML as the encoding mechanism. Brute Force or DDoS attacks can occur when XMLRPC is active.

As a store owner, you are legally obliged to take care of and properly protect your customers’ data. When this data is stolen, you may be exposed to financial consequences (penalties and fines), but even worse, legal consequences. Securing customer data is the basis of every store.

Each woocommerce store has different plugins and different configuration. We know how to detect and fix security gaps in most stores. These types of actions are primarily aimed at minimizing the possibility of attack by hackers. 

By default, WordPress does not hide many important files on the server. Thanks to this, hackers have an easier way to launch attacks and upload malicious code. We will protect the files so that they are only available to the administrator.

An unsecured database is a tasty morsel for hackers. We will secure the database so that the data does not leak.

Who is attacking?

Scripts and programs mainly attack the login page. We are not directly targeted for attack.

Specialized and massive attacks on server resources.

Criminals who have targeted our website. Usually, it’s about extorting a ransom or taking over a store.

The benefits of security optimization

Everyone likes to shop in a secure store.

Your business is protected against attacks.

Invest once and save yourself from losing money.

When do i need this service?

If you have installed a protection plug in your store, know that it’s not the best idea. In practice, such security measures do nothing, and what is worse, they can do even more harm.

The absence of any security measures is a sign to hackers that your online store is an easy target. It is like not locking your car in the city center.

Has your store been attacked? There is nothing to wait for, contact us and we will secure your store within 24 hours. IMPORTANT! In the case of ASAP orders, the rate may be higher.

What can I expect after the service?

After completing the security works for your store, you can expect that your store will be properly secured. This means that 90% of hacker attacks will fail. Why not 100%? New vulnerabilities emerge every month that could allow attacks. Moreover, hackers, seeing that your store is secure, will not attack you. Each attack costs a lot of money and valuable time. Hackers will prefer to attack unprotected stores because they will get the ransom faster and cheaper.

When will I see the effects?

Usually, it takes us from 2 to 3 business days to secure the store. After this time, your store will be secured. However, there are cases when the customer is attacked and you should secure the store as soon as possible. Then we are able to secure the store within 24 hours. It is an additional paid service.

Why are online stores under attack?

There are several scenarios. One of them is a ransom for deleting data that has been stolen and may be made public.

Most often, hackers expect a ransom for their attack. On average, the ransom for stopping attacks is $ 5,000, but the price range is quite wide and depends mainly on the size of the store. There are even ransoms of up to $100,000.

If your store has a lot of traffic, it is an ideal target to redirect to SCAM websites, i.e. websites aimed at fraud and phishing.

Placing advertising content on our website without our consent and knowledge.

Why is it not worth installing security plugins?

Plugins of this type greatly affect the loading time of each store.

Security plugins are often large and complicated plugins with millions of lines of code. There will always be a security vulnerability somewhere where hackers disable this plugin.

It offers little functionality in return for using too much server resources.

Unfortunately, most of these types of plugins are paid.

Security plugins may block other plugins or special functionality of our store.

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